Five Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Sun Protection

You probably already know how important sunscreen is and use it every time that you spend time in the sun. Did you know that there are several ways that you can sabotage your sunscreen, which can compromise the overall sun protection? Today’s blog will highlight some of those common mistakes, so read on to be sure you’re practicing safe sun every time you step outside! 

You’re Using Expired Sunscreen

Before you grab last summer’s sunscreen bottles out of your bathroom cabinet and throw them in your beach bag, it’s important to check the dates on the bottles to ensure that the sunscreen is still effective. Using an expired sunscreen can cause serious sunburns due to its ineffectiveness, while also causing your skin to become more sensitive to the sun. Even if a sunscreen isn’t expired, you should also make sure that the ingredients haven’t gone rancid. This can happen if they’re exposed to lots of bacteria or left in a hot car or the sun for a long time. Of course, if you’re using sunscreen regularly, you should be going through your sunscreen bottles quickly. Purchasing a bulk size of our broad spectrum sunscreen will ensure that you never run out of sunscreen, and will have plenty of sun protection for all of your outdoor activities, as well as daily life. 

You’re Not Using Broad Spectrum Sunscreen 

Choosing a sunscreen that only offers UVB or UVA protection is not only dangerous, but only protects you from one form of sun damage. A broad spectrum sunscreen has both forms of UVA and UVB sunscreen, and will ensure your skin is protected from the sun rays that cause painful sunburns and premature aging. When you’re buying sunscreen, make sure that you’re purchasing broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both forms of sun radiation. You can be sure that all sunscreen from Rocky Mountain sunscreen has UVA/UVB protection and is broad spectrum.

You’re Not Using Enough Sunscreen

Even if you’re an avid sunscreen user, are you sure you’re using enough? Using too little sunscreen is the biggest mistake many people make and can leave you exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. An ounce of sunscreen is required to adequately protect the entire body, which is about the same amount as a shot glass. If you’re planning to spend a long day at the beach, you’ll probably use at least three to four ounces, and you’ll use more if you’re there with your family. Purchasing smaller bottles or more expensive sunscreen might tempt you to use less to make the sunscreen last, but you should always purchase larger bottles so you’ll have plenty on hand. The bulk sizes of our quality, broad spectrum sunscreen will save you time and money in the long run, and also will ensure that you have sunscreen on hand for every member in your family. 

You’re Not Reapplying Sunscreen 

Reapplying sunscreen after you enjoy a dip in the lake or a relaxing swim in the ocean or pool may seem a bit annoying, but it’s essential to keep your body continuously protected. While your favorite sunscreen might say that it’s water resistant, that doesn’t mean it’s waterproof. If you do get in the water or have been sweating profusely, make sure you reapply plenty of sunscreen to stay protected. Even if you don’t get in the water, you should reapply every 80 minutes or as often as the sunscreen bottle stipulates. 

You’re Only Using Sunscreen 

While sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself from sun radiation, damage, and sunburn, sunscreen is only part of the sun protection equation. If you’re planning a big day outside, make sure you have shady areas available during peak sun radiation times and keep a hat on at all times. Sunglasses that have a UV 100 rating are also vital, and you can purchase sun clothing with UPF protection as well if you’re planning to be in direct sunlight for extended hours. 

Enjoying the outdoors and making memories is a wonderful part of summertime. Make sure that you and your family practice safe sun with these tips! Stock up on your bulk size sunscreen now so that you have plenty of sunscreen available for all of your plans! Order from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen today!  


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