What to Pack for Summer Camp

Do you have a special kiddo in your house preparing for his or her first summer camp away from home? For many kids, summer camp is a fun experience full of friends, sunshine, campfires, and memories. Packing for the time away may sound daunting, but with these tips, you can make getting ready for camp a breeze.


Your camper will need a light option to carry his or her necessities on the long days full of exciting activities. Make sure it has plenty of pockets for the little items, and a pocket on the side for easy access to a water bottle. If you’re concerned that it might get misplaced, be sure to add a waterproof tag with your camper’s name and contact information so it can be returned.

Lightweight, waterproof jacket

Quick summertime showers can pop up at any time, and having a rain jacket on hand will make the rain a fun memory instead of a frustrating experience. Many rain jackets now are so compact that they can be rolled up and stashed in a small space, making them a perfect addition to your child’s daypack.


If your kiddo has a propensity of misplacing items, labels will save you and him or her stress and frustration. You can create labels at home, or purchase a set through a local printing store or online website. Putting labels on shoes, jackets, bags, and other items that might get left behind will ensure that everything you send to camp with your kid will (hopefully!) return with him or her.


Your camper is going to be spending most of his or her day outside, which means tons of sun exposure. Make sure your kiddo is protected from painful sunburns with plenty of sunscreen. Add the Rocky Mountain Sunscreen carabiner clip to your camper’s backpack so sunscreen goes with them and won’t get left in the cabin. It might seem a lot, but if your child is spending several weeks away from home, packing our bulk size quart spray will ensure that he or she won’t run out of sunscreen before the return home. Also, adding a few of our SPF 50 sprays to your kid’s suitcase will make sun protection a breeze on the go and can be easily tossed in the daypack. Don’t forget to protect your child’s sensitive lips with some SPF as well, so be sure to grab a few of our handy SPF 30 lip balms.

Hiking Shoes

A pair of comfortable hiking shoes will come in handy all summer long, so take your camper shopping for a reliable pair of shoes. Make sure they have good tread and are lightweight for all day fun. Also, look for waterproof options in case your kiddo decides to take an unexpected dip in the lake or pool.

Packing well and smartly for your camper will ensure a wonderful memory. Don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen for your young camper. Stock up today on our bulk sizes so your kiddo will have plenty of sun protection all camp long. Don’t hesitate to stock up and order today!

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