Healthy Tips for a Fun and Memorable Labor Day

Can you believe that the end of summer is fast approaching? Labor Day is a wonderful time to have one last hurrah with friends and family and say goodbye to another wonderful summer. As you’re preparing for your Labor Day activities, use these easy and healthy tips to keep everyone happy and making memories. Of course, making sure everyone is protected from the sun is important, so be sure to have your Rocky Mountain bulk sunscreen on hand. Our bulk sizes make it easy to keep everyone safe in the sun, and the hypoallergenic formula is ideal for most skin types. Don’t plan your Labor Day party without it! Order your Rocky Mountain bulk sunscreen today!

Avoid Bug Bites

If you’re planning to be outside enjoying the last few days of summer, be sure to have plenty of bug spray and repellent on hand. Keeping yourself and your family and friends protected from bugs is important, as some insects can carry diseases and illnesses that could cause some serious potential health risks. It’s also a good idea to do your research and know what bugs and insects you may encounter while outside, just in case you or someone you know is allergic to a certain species. Keeping an antihistamine and other medications in your first aid kit is also a great idea to circumvent any reactions to a bug bite or sting.

Stay Hydrated

While it may be the end of summer, temperatures are still hot outside. If you’re planning on spending the day outdoors in the heat, be sure to keep a water bottle nearby and hydrate regularly. Being in the sun can dehydrate you faster than you may realize, and the effects of dehydration can be dangerous if not taken care of and attended to quickly. Don’t forget your furry friends either; dogs need their own water source too! You can also snack on hydrating fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupe to help with your hydration levels. If you do start to feel ill, overheated, or dizzy, it’s important to go inside to cool down and to drink plenty of fluids. If you’re still feeling ill, then call your doctor or go to an urgent care clinic to be evaluated for dehydration.

Practice Sun Safety

While taking a break from swimming or playing in the sun isn’t always fun, it’s important to take care of yourself and your family and practice sun safety. Be sure to apply sunscreen before you go outside and also after you’ve been swimming. If you’re planning to be outside during the hottest part of the day, a sun hat, shirt, and pants is a great choice to add another layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are also essential and will protect your eyes from sun damage. Having a bulk size on hand of our Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is a great way to remind everyone to reapply sunscreen often!

Have a fun and safe Labor Day this year with these tips, and be sure to order your bulk size of hypoallergenic Rocky Mountain Sunscreen today!


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