Enjoy the 4th of July with These Sun Safety Tips

The 4th of July is a special summer holiday that involves friends, family, outdoor activities, and plenty of sunshine. While the 4th of July is always a great way to make memories and enjoy a fireworks show, it’s still important to remember sun protection. In this post, we’ll be discussing some simple tips to remember for your upcoming festivities so you can focus on grilling the perfect hot dog, instead of worrying about getting a sunburn. Protect yourself, your family, and your friends this 4th of July with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. Our hypoallergenic and oxybenzone-free formula make it the perfect sunscreen for everyone, and our bulk sizing will ensure that you won’t run out. Get ready for the holiday and order yours now!


Seek the Shade

Depending on the day’s activities, try to stay in the shade as much as you can. Remember, it may be tempting to think that you’re safe from the sun’s harmful rays if you’re out of the sunlight, but UVA rays can still affect you. Being out of direct sunlight will not only keep you cooler, but it will also help your sunscreen to not sweat off as quickly. It’s best to avoid the sunlight from the hours between 10AM and 2PM, when the sun rays are the most intense. If you’re planning to be out in the sun during these hours, make sure that you’re wearing plenty of sunblock.


Reapply Often

It may be hard to remember to reapply sunscreen, especially if you’re winning the cornhole championship or relaxing on a pool float, but it’s essential to reapply sunblock often to prevent burning and sun exposure. Most sunscreens will protect you for 80 minutes, so set an alert on your phone or an alarm on your watch to help you remember when it’s time to break out the sunscreen again.


Remember the Shot Glass Rule

An easy way to remember how much sunscreen you need to apply is an entire shot glass full. While this may surprise you, it’s the recommended amount for full body protection by the American Skin Society. Don’t sweat worrying about having enough sunscreen for your family or your guests. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is available in both a quart sized pump and a gallon sized pump, so you can have plenty of sun protection on hand at all times.


Don’t Forget a Hat and Sunglasses

For those areas that sunscreen isn’t applicable, like your eyes and your scalp, it’s important to protect them from sun damage as well. Be sure to wear sunglasses that have UV 100 protection, especially around water, which can reflect the sun’s rays. A hat that offers UV protection is also important and is essential for a long day spent outside enjoying the 4th of July festivities with friends and guests.


Enjoy your 4th of July and be sure to protect your skin with Rocky Mountain Sunscreen! Our gentle hypoallergenic formula will keep everyone safe in the sun during your party or cookout. Order your bulk sizes of the best sunscreen for both kids and adults today!


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