Common Areas People Forget to Apply Sunscreen

We all know that it’s important to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas before heading outside to enjoy the sun, but sometimes some places get overlooked and can become sunburned. In this post, we’ll discuss some common places that are forgotten when applying sunscreen. Of course, you can’t have too much sunscreen, so stock up now on Rocky Mountain bulk sunscreen! Perfect to keep on hand for the entire family, you can rest assured that your family will be protected from the sun. Shop our website now!Ears When was the last time that you applied sunscreen here? Ears are the top area of the body that are overlooked. Because the skin on your ears is so sensitive, sustaining a sunburn is quite common, so the next time you’re planning to spend some time outside, make sure to remember your ears! Tops of Feet and HandsWhile it’s easy to forget your feet, especially if you’re already wearing shoes, it’s important to apply sunscreen to your feet because they are directly perpendicular to the sun, which can cause them to become sunburned quickly. Hands are also susceptible to burns, even if you’re just driving in the car. Keep a small tube of sunscreen with you in your purse or car to help you to remember to apply sunscreen to your hands if you have a long commute.Scalp One of the most painful areas to be sunburned, your scalp directly faces the sun and your hair only offers limited protection. Be sure to wear a hat when you’re going to be in the sunshine for an extended period of time, and if you do forget to grab a hat, protect your scalp with some sunscreen. While sunscreen will make your hair greasy, you’ll appreciate a sunburn-free scalp later.Nose, Lips, and Eyelids The delicate areas of your nose, lips, and eyelids are quite sensitive and can quickly burn before you think about applying sunscreen. If you plan on laying out to work on your tan or you know you’ll be in direct sunshine for awhile, be sure to apply a high SPF to your nose and use a lip balm with added SPF for your lips. Sunscreen can burn the delicate areas around your eyes, so wear polarized sunglasses or make sure the lenses in your favorite shades offer 100 percent of UV rays. Back of Neck You may think that you have everything covered, but the back of your neck is often ignored. However, because it’s overlooked, it can easily become sunburned. Make sure to apply sunscreen to both the front and the back of your neck, and to reapply often. You can also wear a sun-protecting bandana to keep the sun off your neck. Summer is a great time to spend outside, and remembering these common areas that are often overlooked will help to reduce your change of sunburn. Be sure to remember these areas and don’t forget to purchase your bulk sunscreen from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen! Order online today!

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